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Safer Surfaces for Your Home and Business

Protecting your family or employees by making winter transportation easier will take some stress out of winter walking and parking. Count on Brummett Excavating to keep your driveways and sidewalks less snow covered and slippery.

Snow removal services

Heavy-duty ice removal

• Residential and commercial

• Parking lots

• Sidewalk clearing

• De-icing

• Driveways

Getting rid of the layers of ice that have built up on your concrete surfaces will make getting around a lot easier for you.


We will de-ice and remove snow from your property. We will ensure that you can walk and drive safely without the risk of slipping.

Keep your property safe and de-iced! We have been keeping things safe and clear for our customers for 24 years.

Clear your snow 24/7!


Dependable Snow Removal

Keep the snow and ice off your sidewalks